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AK-1.1Magrè alphabet
AK-1.2Magrè alphabet
AK-1.6Magrè alphabet
AK-1.7Magrè alphabet
AK-1.10Magrè alphabet
AK-1.11Magrè alphabet
AK-1.17Magrè alphabet
AK-1.19Magrè alphabet
AK-1.21Magrè alphabet
AK-2.1Magrè alphabet
AK-2.2Magrè alphabet
AS-18Magrè alphabet
AS-19.1Magrè alphabet
FP-1Magrè alphabet
HU-7Magrè alphabet
IT-2Magrè alphabet
IT-4Magrè alphabet
IT-7Magrè alphabet
IT-8Magrè alphabet
MA-1Magrè alphabet
MA-2Magrè alphabet
MA-4Magrè alphabet
MA-5Magrè alphabet
MA-6Magrè alphabet
MA-8Magrè alphabet
MA-9Magrè alphabet
MA-10Magrè alphabet
MA-11Magrè alphabet
MA-12Magrè alphabet
MA-13Magrè alphabet
MA-14Magrè alphabet
MA-16Magrè alphabet
MA-17Magrè alphabet
MA-18Magrè alphabet
MA-19Magrè alphabet
MA-20Magrè alphabet
MA-21Magrè alphabet
MA-23Magrè alphabet
PA-1Magrè alphabet
PU-1Magrè alphabet
PU-4Magrè alphabet
SL-1Magrè alphabet
SR-1Magrè alphabet
SR-3.1Magrè alphabet
SR-3.2Magrè alphabet
SR-4Magrè alphabet
SR-5Magrè alphabet
SR-6Magrè alphabet
SR-7Magrè alphabet
SR-8Magrè alphabet