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Search for objects with specific properties


  • Generally, all rules for values in inline searches apply, i.e. the operators "!" (not), "<" (less than) and ">" (greater than) can be used.
  • For reasons unknown, the operators "~" (like) for instring searches and "||" for disjunctions do not work.
  • Subqueries can be entered using the tag "<q>"; – e.g. "<q>[[province::Trento]]</q>" in the field "site" for all objects from any site in the province Trento.

Object description

Proper name:
Archaeological type:
Current max. dimension: e.g. "12.3 cm", ">0.8 m"
Current condition:

Object dating

Archaeological culture:
Date: sorting value: e.g. "-300", "<-400"
Date: display form:
Date derived from:

Find circumstances

Field name:
Archaeological context: e.g. "grave 125"
Find circumstances:
Coordinate North: e.g. "<47.37"
Coordinate East: e.g. ">8.54"
Find date: sorting value: e.g. "1972", "<1890"
Find date: display form:

Current location

Current location:
Inventory nr.: