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From Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum
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 letter height min
AS-17.21.5 cm
AS-19.11.7 cm
AS-19.21.7 cm
AS-21.11.7 cm
AS-21.21.7 cm
AS-22.11.5 cm
AS-22.21.5 cm
AS-22.31 cm
BZ-11.6 cm
BZ-21.1 cm
BZ-41.2 cm
BZ-51 cm
BZ-131.5 cm
BZ-141.8 cm
BZ-171.1 cm
BZ-201.5 cm
BZ-231.1 cm
BZ-25.11.3 cm
BZ-261.7 cm
BZ-271.4 cm
BZ-281.2 cm
BZ-291.8 cm
CE-1.11 cm
CE-1.21 cm
CE-1.51 cm
FI-11.6 cm
FP-11.2 cm
HU-5.31 cm
IT-21.3 cm
IT-51.1 cm
IT-61.5 cm
IT-71.4 cm
IT-81 cm
IT-91 cm
MA-41 cm
MA-61.1 cm
MA-71.8 cm
MA-91 cm
MA-121 cm
MA-131.3 cm
MA-141.7 cm
MA-161.9 cm
MA-171.4 cm
MA-191 cm
MA-211.8 cm
MA-221.5 cm
MA-231.3 cm
NO-71.6 cm
NO-111.1 cm
NO-121.1 cm