AK-1 rock

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Proper name: Mandlfelsen
Classification: rock
Material: stone
Condition: damaged
Date: unknown

Site: Achenkirch (Tirol, Austria)
Coordinates (approx.): 47° 31' 37.20" N, 11° 42' 25.20" E [from site]
Find date: summer 2010
Find circumstances: by chance
Current location: in situ




Found and published by Mandl 2011: 126–129. Examined by TIR in July 2014.

Images in Mandl 2011: Abb. 136 (photo of the rock wall with marking of inscribed areas [Bildstellen]), 137 (Bildstelle 2), 138 (Bildstelle1), 139 (Bildstelle 3), 141 (Bildstelle 4), 142 (Bildstelle 5).

Referred to as "Station 1" by Mandl. The rock is a large limestone lintel block with inscriptions on the overhanging north-west face (Raetic and younger) and the less inclined north-east face (none Raetic). The north-west face provides some protection from wind and rain. The entire slope is marshy and wet; Mandl (p. 127) mentions a spring on the south side of the block.

Bildstelle 1: AK-1.1–AK-1.3
Bildstelle 2: AK-1.4–AK-1.5
Bildstelle 3: AK-1.21, AK-1.6–AK-1.8
(Between areas 3 and 4, an area partly covered in moss, potentially containing up to four illegible inscriptions, if inscribed continuously with only frame lines separating them.)
Bildstelle 4: AK-1.9–AK-1.14
Bildstelle 5: AK-1.15–AK-1.20

The rock is situated in the Bayerische Alpen / Achensee region, a few kilometres west of the Steinberg petrograph site. The second inscribed Achenkirch rock wall AK-2 rock is about 200 m distant. Coordinates are not provided by request of the Department for Prehistory in Innsbruck to prevent damage to the inscriptions.


Mandl 2011 Franz Mandl, Felsbilder. Österreich – Bayern: Nördliche Kalkalpen [= Anisa – Verein für alpine Forschung 4], Haus im Ennstal: 2011.