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Language: Raetic
Word type: unknown

Meaning: unknown

Attestation: BZ-3 (taniun:laśanuale/utiku:terunies:sχaistala), HU-7 (?ẹḳiesiuṭikutanin/metḷainile), NO-2 (tianusataṇ), NO-16 (tianusa/taniun), SZ-16 (laθurusitianusatanin), VR-3 (taniniutikuremieshiratasuvakhikvelisanes) (6)


Possibly a noun meaning 'gift' or 'sacrifice'? An adverb? Appears also without u in the last syllable, but the occurrence in similar context strongly suggests the two forms to be variants of the same word. The frequent attestation makes a variant with anlauting a (see SZ-16) highly unlikely.

References: Battisti 1944: 223, Pisani 1935: 94.


Battisti 1944 Carlo Battisti, "Osservazioni sulla lingua delle iscrizioni nell'alfabeto etrusco settentrionale di Bolzano", Studi Etruschi 18 (1944), 199–236.