Nothdurfter 2002

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Author/Editor: Hans Nothdurfter
Full citation: Hans Nothdurfter, "Schlüssel – Schlüsselgriffe – Geweihmotive", in: Liselotte Zemmer-Plank, Wolfgang Sölder (Eds), Kult der Vorzeit in der Alpen. Opfergaben – Opferplätze – Opferbrauchtum, Bozen: Athesia 2002. (2 volumes), 1127–1154.
Type: proceedings, archaeological study
Language: German
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In: Zemmer-Plank & Sölder 2002
Used for: 54 pages (show list)


Based on the importance of keys in ancient religion Nothdurfter explains in succession of Gleirscher 1986 and Marzatico 1996 the connection of keys and votive offerings of antler, formerly well-known as Hirschhornvotive. On the one hand there are the true key handles (cp. list 2 where listed e.g. WE-3 antler as well as FI-1 antler), on the other hand the tall group of antler votives with inscriptions and/or characters which must be interpreted as imitations of key handles (cp. list 3, i.a. the entire group of antlers found in Magrè). As such imitations they were utilized as votives in place of keys handles. Cp. Nothdurfter 2002: 1131.