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Community: Schio
Province: Vicenza
Region: Veneto
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 45° 42' 20.00" N, 11° 20' 53.00" E

Objects: MA-1 antler (antler), MA-2 antler (antler), MA-3 antler (antler), MA-4 antler (antler), MA-5 antler (antler), MA-6 antler (antler), MA-7 antler (antler), MA-8 antler (antler), MA-9 antler (antler), MA-10 antler (antler), MA-11 antler (antler), MA-12 antler (antler), MA-13 antler (antler), MA-14 antler (antler), MA-15 antler (antler), MA-16 antler (antler), MA-17 antler (antler), MA-18 antler (antler), MA-19 antler (antler), MA-20 antler (antler), MA-21 antler (antler), MA-22 antler (antler), MA-23 antler (antler), MA-24 ingot (lead)
Field names: Castello


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Magrè is part of the community of Schio. The 6th March 1928 the place name Magrè was changed into Magrè Vicentino. Therefore the official toponym is Magrè Vicentino.