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Transliteration: eteθaṿ$iiiii iθiiiii
Original script: I sI sI sI sI sΘ sI sspace sI sI sI sI sI ssymbol sV sA5 sΘ sE sT3 sE s

Object: SZ-1 bronze (bronze)
(Inscriptions: SZ-1.1, SZ-1.2)
Position: back
Script: North Italic script (Sanzeno alphabet)
Direction of writing: sinistroverse
Letter height: 11 cm <br /> – 2.1 cm
Number of letters: 5
Number of lines: 1
Craftsmanship: embossed
Current condition: complete
Date of inscription:
Date derived from:

Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: IR 14
LIR SA-2 b
TM 218371
Sources: Schumacher 2004: 131, 335



First published in Mayr 1950: 333 (no. I). Autopsied by TIR in October 2014.

Images in Mayr 1950: 335 (I), Pellegrini 1951: no. 1b (photo) and 307 (1b) (drawing), Morandi 1982: 203 (drawing), LIR (photo and drawing = IR).

Inscribed on the back of the bronze, starting from the head, with characters extending over the entire breadth of the object. Length of the entire sequence 9 cm. The second E s is disturbed by the drilled hole. After the first five characters, which appear to be letters, a hasta with two very faint bars – possibly V s. The bars extend into the angle of the symbol symbol s, followed by five vertical lines (the one closest to the symbol is not closer than the hasta of potential V s). Then, a gap of about 1 cm, and another group of verticals and a St. Andrew's cross. Everything from the symbol onwards in surely ornamental; it is not clear whether the letters spell out a word, and if so, where it ends. Cp. enteθa?, followed by two groups of criss-crossing lines, on SZ-15.2. Seeing as the hole appears to have been drilled after the inscription was applied, but rather before SZ-2.1 was written (where the letters avoid the hole), the inscription on the back may well be a factory mark – note that SZ-15.2 appears on a very similar fish-shaped bronze. The letters could either spell out (part of) a name or other designation, or represent pseudo-script. Pellegrini 1951: 328 suggests a pricemark. Cp. SZ-4.2 / SZ-5.2, also similar bronzes, with the same symbol on the back.

Further references: Pellegrini 1951: 306 ff. (no. 1b), Mayr 1952: 175 (1b), Vetter 1954: 70 (1b), Morandi 1982: 202 f.


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