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Customary name: iota
Represents: i

Variants and attestation

Transliteration Sinistroverse Dextroverse
  Glyph Number Glyph Number
I I.png 181 Id.png 23
I2 I2.png 5 I2d.png 1

The basic form of Iota, a full-length vertical line, is one of the most stable alphabetical letter shapes. The shortened variant is very rare and usually the consequence of technical circumstances; indeed SZ-30 may be the only Transpadanian inscription which features it consistently. Where it does occur, it is often in danger of being mistaken for a separator, or indeed vice versa (SR-1, SR-8). A variant with a small vertical bar addI1 s is used in the epigraphically Camunic AV-1. Any such additional features, or angled variants to distinguish the vowel from the glide (as in some Venetic subcorpora), are absent in Raetic.

Note that because of the basicness of the shape of Iota, the number of occurrences given in the table above is misleading: Due to the great number of inscriptions without linguistic content in the Raetic corpus, the number includes all instances of a vertical line in dubious or non-inscriptions.