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Language: unknown
Word type: unknown

Meaning: unknown

Attestation: SZ-44.1 (uθiiθi), SZ-45.1 (uθiiθi), SZ-46.1 (uθiiθi), SZ-50 (uθiiθi), SZ-51 (uθiiθ[) (5)


Recurring on a number of iron objects from Sanzeno. On scythe rings (SZ-44 scythe ring, SZ-45 scythe ring, SZ-46 scythe ring), the inscription is accompanied by la on the opposite side of the object; on the chisel and the knife it stands alone. It runs in different directions (SZ-45.1 and SZ-46.1 vs. SZ-44.1, SZ-50 and SZ-51). Merely decoration, or possibly a manufacturer's mark? Cp. iθiu on SZ-47 and iθuiθi on HU-1. See here for a discussion of possible interpretations of inscriptions with doubtful status.