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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Case: nominative
Number: singular

Meaning: 'Piθam(n)e'

Paradigm: piθam(n)e (nominative, singular), piθamnu (nominative, singular), piθamnuale (pertinentive, singular) (3)
Attestation: AS-18 (piθạmn[?), AS-19.1 (p̣ịθ̣ạṃṇ[), BZ-9 (piθame), IT-8 (piθan[), MA-1 (piθamne helanu), MA-2 (piθanmelka[θ̣ụṛịẹþ̣ụ) (6)


Raetic individual name in -e, well attested. The name occurs repeatedly, but with irregular spelling of the nasal (cluster). Cp. Venetic pi·t·ta·m·mniko·s· (Ca 14), Etruscan pitamn[ (Sp 2.102). Probably IE. For the base cp. piθie, piθiave, pitale (the latter two with suffix).