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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Case: pertinentive

Morphemic analysis: esθu-a-le
Meaning: 'of/by Esθu(a)*' (?)

Paradigm: esθua, esθuale (pertinentive) (2)
Attestation: MA-12 (estualeaφiṛ·[), PA-1 (eθsualeuθikukaial·/nakinaθarisakvil·) (2)


The word is attested twice with the pertinentive ending -le in syntactically unclear inscriptions, though never in the normalised form: In MA-12 it is written with Tau rather than Theta; PA-1 eθsuale is probably a scribal error. Cp. maybe (h)estulanuale in ST-5. In is not clear whether a is part of the stem or of the ending (cp. perkusiale). See further esθua.