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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Meaning: 'Esθu(a)' (?)

Paradigm: esθua, esθuale (pertinentive) (2)
Attestation: MA-11 (ẹ]ṣθuvaθinaχe), MA-13 (es·sθuaθel·pa?inua) (2)


Attested twice with the auslaut/ending -a, though never in the normalised form (MA-11 esθuva with the semivocalic element spelled out, MA-13 with weird syllabic punctuation). The attestation in MA-11 suggests a nominative, assuming that the inscription follows the same pattern as MA-8, MA-9 and MA-10 (individual name in the nominative + active preterite), though an auslaut -ua is not otherwise attested in Raetic names. MA-13, on the other hand, indicates a genitive in -a, if the name corresponds with a supposed patronym in the genitive. In Rix' translation of PA-1, the name is interpreted as a theonym, which would make its appearing in the benefactive genitive likely, but disagree with it being combined with a patronym. The word is attested twice with the pertinentive ending -ale, once written with Tau rather than Theta. Cp. (h)estulanuale in ST-5, also with Tau; for Lambda between Upsilon and Alpha cp. the problematic identification of Digamma in MA-11.