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Transliteration: up̣i
Original script: I sP2 sU2 s

Object: SZ-79 chisel (iron)
(Inscriptions: SZ-79.1, SZ-79.2)
Position: upper area"upper area" is not in the list (front, back, top, bottom, inside, outside, neck, shoulder, foot, handle, ...) of allowed values for the "position" property.
Script: North Italic script
Direction of writing: ambiguous
Letter height: 0.9 cm
Number of letters: 3
Number of lines: 1
Craftsmanship: embossed
Current condition: complete, damaged
Date of inscription:
Date derived from:

Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: LIR SA-90
MLR 229 b
TM 653580


First published in Franz 1959: 228 (2) (see SZ-79 chisel). Autopsied by TIR in November 2013.

Image in LIR (drawing).

Length 1.9 cm. The bar of P2 s is hardly distinguishable due to heavy corrosion, but compare the same inscription repeated on the object as well as other occurrences of upi.


Franz 1959 Leonhard Franz, "Rätische Inschriften im Innsbrucker Landesmuseum", Der Schlern 33 (1959), 228–229.
LIR Alberto Mancini, Le Iscrizioni Retiche [= Quaderni del dipartimento di linguistica, Università degli studi di Firenze Studi 8–9], Padova: Unipress 2009–10. (2 volumes)