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Transliteration: upi
Original script: I sP2 sU2 s

Object: SZ-27 potsherd (pottery)
(Inscriptions: SZ-27.1, SZ-27.2)
Position: inside, rim
Script: unknown
Direction of writing: ambiguous
Letter height: 1.4 cm
Number of letters: 3
Number of lines: 1
Craftsmanship: incised
Current condition: complete
Date of inscription: 3rd–2nd centuries BC [from object]
Date derived from: typology [from object]

Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: LIR SA-58 b
MLR 166 b
TM 218397


First published in LIR. Autopsied by TIR in November 2013.

Images in LIR (photo and drawing), MLR (photo) .

Inscription length 1.8 cm. Whatmough, who had not seen the potsherd, mentions only the other, identical inscription on the object.


LIR Alberto Mancini, Le Iscrizioni Retiche [= Quaderni del dipartimento di linguistica, Università degli studi di Firenze Studi 8–9], Padova: Unipress 2009–10. (2 volumes)