Campi 1885

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Author/Editor: Luigi Campi
Full citation: Luigi Campi, "Il sepolcreto di Meclo nella Naunia", Archivio Trentino IV/1 and IV/2 (extract) (1885), 1–120.
Type: excavation report, archaeological study
Language: Italian
Used for: Campi 1884b


The study Il sepolcreto di Meclo nella Naunia was part of the journal issue 4, fascicle 1, on pages 62–112, and of journal issue 4, fascicle 2, on pages 191–256. The present noted edition derives from an extract of the Archivio Trentino and the here given page references.
Campi's short essay Il sepolcreto di Meclo nella Naunia from 1884 (cp. Campi 1884b) was continued in this study about the finding place Mechel / Meclo and is here included once again.