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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Case: pertinentive
Number: singular
Gender: masculine

Morphemic analysis: ?-nu-ale
Meaning: 'by/of son of ?'

Attestation: AK-1.1 (?]ṇualeri?ienalṣẹ), AK-1.2 (?]nuale), AK-1.7 (??]ṇụaḷe), AK-1.11 (????]ẹ?ḳer·(a)ṇu·aḷekas?), AK-1.19 (]???(?)nuale), AK-1.21 (]nu[ạ), ST-5 (hes·ṭulanu·aleker·akve), ST-6 (sạ?al·̣esta·nu·aleφakaḷẹ) (8)


This entry collects all instances of documentation of the suffix syntagma -nu-ale without a definable individual name base.