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Language: unknown
Word type: unknown

Meaning: unknown

Attestation: SZ-27.1 (upi), SZ-27.2 (upi), SZ-39.1 ($upi), SZ-39.2 (upi), SZ-43.1 (upi), SZ-43.2 (upi), SZ-79.1 (up̣i), SZ-79.2 (upi), SZ-88.1 (upị), SZ-88.2 (ụp̣ị), SZ-92.1 (upi), SZ-92.2 (upi), SZ-93.1 (upi), SZ-93.2 (upi), SZ-95 (upi) (15)


Recurring on objects from Sanzeno, usually twice and on opposite sides of the object. Of eight inscribed objects, six are heavy iron farming implements which may well come from the same smithy; an interpretation of the short sequence as a factory mark is therefore likely. The occurrence on a Sanzeno bowl (SZ-27, also twice on the object) may be considered as a counter-argument; the occurrence on a bronze situla (SZ-95, only once) is also unique.