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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Case: pertinentive
Number: singular
Gender: unknown

Morphemic analysis: metlaini-le
Meaning: 'by Metlaini' (?)

Attestation: HU-7 (?ẹḳiesiuṭikutanin/metḷainile) (1)


The tentative interpretation of the once-attested form as a personal name in the pertinentive must be considered very uncertain. The text of HU-7 contains an individual name in the pertinentive, but no accompanying patronym in -nu/-na, so that the otherwise opaque metlainile with auslauting -le may qualify as the surname of the usual patronymic formula. Two more forms in -ile which may be interpreted thus are IT-4 χurvile and SZ-14 sletile; cf. also potential surnames in -i in the casus rectus CE-1.1 śeli and SL-2.1 þurti. See Salomon 2018: 41 and Raetic Onomastics. For the base metl- cf. maybe Etruscan meθlum 'city'?