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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Case: nominative
Number: singular

Morphemic analysis: valθiki-nu
Meaning: 'son of Valθiki-*'

Attestation: MA-17 (klevieval·θikinuasua) (1)


Patronym in -nu, attested only once. According to Untermann’s sensible analysis (Untermann 1961: 92 f.), it is unlikely that this is derived as a whole from Venetic voltiχenei (Es 1) / vo·l·tiχ//[n]o·s· (Es 8) – only the first elements volti- ~ valθi- correspond. Schumacher 1998: 96 identifies -ki- with the k-suffixes prevalent in the individual names in Roman inscriptions of the area of Brescia (Untermann 1961 I: 103 f.). For the suffix cp. φutiχinu, ]θiχinu (MA-20), as well as maybe velχanu, visteχanu. For the first element cp. valθe?nu.