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Language: Raetic
Word type: noun

Case: genitive
Number: singular

Morphemic analysis: sφura-s
Meaning: 'of the community'

Attestation: SR-2 (sφura·̣senθus/]ẹ?eθinụ) (1)


See Schumacher 2004: 301. The word can be associated with Etr. spura* 'township, community' (see Steinbauer 1999: 72, 467).
The Etruscan word spura* is attested in Fa 3.1. Etruscan uses the genitive II spura-l, attestations can be found in Ta 1.196, Ta 1.273 [p] and Um 2.9. The North Etruscan variant śpural is documented in LL V.23, Po 6.3, Cl 2.27, Fs 8.2 and Fs 8.3. Related to the latter two inscriptions also in combination with the Etruscan word tular. Therefore tular spural which can be translated with 'the border' resp. 'frontier of the community'. To this context belongs also the attested Etruscan word spurana or in the North Etruscan variant śpurana. The Etruscan morpheme -na implies a belonging to something hence in the present case the belonging to a communitiy. For spurana cp. AT 1.171 and Vs 1.179; for śpurana cp. Ta 1.88 and AS 2.10.
For a compilation of the documentation in Etruscan inscriptions cp. ET 2: 281.


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