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This template serves to display sequences of "North Italic" characters. To do so, it uses the Template:c.


  • The first parameter must be the transliteration, each character written as its character variant and separated by space or comma.
  • The second (optional) parameter defines the writing direction. Use d for dectroverse sequences, anything else or nothing for sinistroverse ones.
  • Single dextroverse characters against a generay sinistroverse writing direction can be defined by adding a d. (The other way round is not possible.)
  • Upper and lower case letters are allowed.
  • You may use punctuation or :, symbol or $, and space or _ equally.
  • Property:character will not be defined.


  • The code {{char|s2 l a4 n2 i a4 i :2 u e r2 k2 a4 l a4 i :2 p a4 l a4}} will display A4 sL sA4 sP spunctuation2 sI sA4 sL sA4 sK2 sR2 sE sU spunctuation2 sI sA4 sI sN2 sA4 sL sS2 s
  • The code {{char|k a6 t u3 a9|d}} will display K dA6 dT dU3 dA9 d
  • The code {{char|a r i u a2 n e p a2 s2 :2 s2d i $ e ś}} will display Ś sE ssymbol sI sS2d spunctuation2 sS2 sA2 sP sE sN sA2 sU sI sR sA s