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This template serves to display North Italic letters. For each character of a text in North Italic script, the template must be included separately. For example, in order to render the character A2 d (that is, a dextroverse A2):


has to be written. The individual fields have the following functions:

c name of the template
A citation form of the letter in upper case = page of the character activated by the link
A2 actual variant of the letter to be displayed
d dextroverse direction of the character

Specifying the actual variant of the letter can be omitted if it is identical to the citation form;
specifying the direction of writing can be omitted if it is sinistroverse;
e.g. A s (sinistroverse citation form = main variant of A):


If no property value is to be defined (for example, outside of inscriptions), the field for the citation form is to be left blank; only the actual variant to be displayed is to be specified. In the following examples, these are A s and A2 d):



  • The attested variant of the letter will be displayed as an image with a link to the citation form of the character.
  • If the citation form is specified, the following properties will be defined:


In order to display the word enθus in sinistroverse North Italic script, in primary character variants except for an U2, i.e. S sU2 sΘ sN sE s, the following has to be coded:


For the same word, but only the S turned against the sinistroverse writing direction, i.e. S dU2 sΘ sN sE s:


For the same word, but written in dextroverse direction, i.e. E dN dΘ dU2 dS d:


For the same as in the three above examples, but without defining properties for the occurrence of the characters (i.e. with empty first parameters):