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 type reference
AIF Itext edition
Beschi 2000text edition
Buonamici 1929text edition
Buonamici 1932btext edition
Calzavara Capuis & Pellegrini 1970text edition
object edition
CIItext edition
Cipolla 1884text edition
object edition
excavation report
Conestabile 1863text edition
epigraphic study
Cordenons 1911text edition
epigraphic study
Eichner et al. 1994text edition
object edition
Eichner & Nedoma 2009text edition
epigraphic study
ETtext edition
ET 2text edition
Franz 1959text edition
object edition
Ghirardini 1901text edition
IRtext edition
Kirchmayr & Schumacher 2019text edition
object edition
Krause & Jankuhn 1966text edition
epigraphic study
Lattes 1901text edition
Lejeune 1951text edition
Lexicon Leponticumdictionary
text edition
object edition
Mancini 1980text edition
Mancini 1995text edition
Marchesini 2013epigraphic study
text edition
Marinetti 1985text edition
Marinetti 1987text edition
Marinetti 1991text edition
Marinetti 2004text edition
Mayr 1954text edition
Mayr 1956text edition
Mayr 1957text edition
Mayr 1957btext edition
Mayr 1957ctext edition
Mayr 1958text edition
Mayr 1959ctext edition
Mayr 1960btext edition
Mayr 1960ctext edition
Mayr 1960dtext edition
Mayr 1960etext edition
Mayr 1960gtext edition
Mayr 1962btext edition
Mayr 1962ctext edition
Morandi 2004–09text edition
epigraphic study
NRIEtext edition
Olzscha 1962text edition
Pellegrini 1951btext edition
Pellegrini 1952text edition
Pellegrini & Prosdocimi 1967text edition
linguistic study
Pellegrini 1918text edition
object edition
excavation report
PIDtext edition