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 type reference
Agostiniani 1983linguistic study
Agostiniani 1986linguistic study
Alessio 1948linguistic study
Altheim 1951linguistic study
Anreiter 1997linguistic study
Anreiter 2013linguistic study
Battisti 1927linguistic study
Battisti 1928linguistic study
Battisti 1931linguistic study
Battisti 1934linguistic study
Battisti 1936blinguistic study
Battisti 1937linguistic study
Battisti 1959archaeological study
linguistic study
Battisti 1961linguistic study
Battisti 1963blinguistic study
Battisti 1964linguistic study
Beumann & Schröder 1985linguistic study
historical study
collective volume
Bonfante 1935linguistic study
Ciurletti & Marzatico 1999archaeological study
epigraphic study
linguistic study
historical study
collective volume
Corssen 1874linguistic study
Corssen 1875linguistic study
Cortsen 1925linguistic study
De Bernardo Stempel 2009linguistic study
Deecke 1875–1884epigraphic study
linguistic study
De Simone 1968linguistic study
De Simone 1970linguistic study
De Simone 1996linguistic study
Dottin 1920linguistic study
Eichner 2006epigraphic study
linguistic study
Eichner 2011linguistic study
Eichner 2012linguistic study
Eichner 2013epigraphic study
linguistic study
Eska & Wallace 1999epigraphic study
linguistic study
Georgiev 1972linguistic study
Georgiev 1973linguistic study
Gleirscher 1991archaeological study
linguistic study
historical study
Grison 1928linguistic study
Hirunuma 1986linguistic study
Holder 1896–1907dictionary
linguistic study
Kretschmer 1932blinguistic study
Kretschmer 1940linguistic study
historical study
Kretschmer 1943linguistic study
historical study
Lambert 1994linguistic study
Lejeune 1974linguistic study
Lejeune 1989linguistic study
Maggiani 2002linguistic study
Mancini 1997linguistic study
Marchesini 2013blinguistic study
historical study
Marinetti 2002linguistic study
Marinetti 2002blinguistic study