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 type reference
Agostiniani 2012epigraphic study
AIF II,1epigraphic study
AIF II,2epigraphic study
AIF IIIepigraphic study
historical study
Altheim & Trautmann 1939epigraphic study
philological study
Amann 2005epigraphic study
Baioni et al. 2022archaeological study
epigraphic study
Battisti 1944epigraphic study
Battisti 1946–47epigraphic study
Bonafini 1954epigraphic study
Bravi 1979epigraphic study
Bravi 1980introduction
epigraphic study
Buonamici 1927epigraphic study
Buonamici 1932epigraphic study
Campi 1901epigraphic study
Campi 1905proceedings
epigraphic study
Ciurletti 1992archaeological study
epigraphic study
Ciurletti & Marzatico 1999archaeological study
epigraphic study
linguistic study
historical study
collective volume
Colonna 1997epigraphic study
Conestabile 1856epigraphic study
historical study
Conestabile 1863text edition
epigraphic study
Cordenons 1911text edition
epigraphic study
Cristofani 1972epigraphic study
Cristofani 2003epigraphic study
Dal Zotto 1940epigraphic study
Danielsson 1909epigraphic study
Deecke 1875–1884epigraphic study
linguistic study
Egger 1959epigraphic study
Eichner 2006epigraphic study
linguistic study
Eichner 2012bepigraphic study
Eichner 2013epigraphic study
linguistic study
Eichner & Nedoma 2009text edition
epigraphic study
Eska & Wallace 1999epigraphic study
linguistic study
Fiorelli 1881epigraphic study
Franz 1953epigraphic study
Franz 1957epigraphic study
Franz 1958bepigraphic study
Franz 1958cepigraphic study
Gambacurta et al. 2002catalogue
epigraphic study
Goldmann 1934epigraphic study
Herbig 1913epigraphic study
Höfler 1971epigraphic study
Istenič 1985epigraphic study
Jeffery 1990epigraphic study
Joppich 1971epigraphic study
Klingenberg 1973epigraphic study
Kluge 2017archaeological study
epigraphic study
Kluge & Salomon 2015archaeological study
epigraphic study
Krämer 1982epigraphic study
Krause & Jankuhn 1966text edition
epigraphic study