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 type reference
Agostiniani & Giannelli 1983collective volume
Aigner-Foresti 1992collective volume
Akeo 2002collective volume
Amann 2012collective volume
Amann et al. 2006collective volume
Anati 2011collective volume
Anreiter & Ölberg 1998collective volume
ANRWcollective volume
Aquileia nella "Venetia et Histria" 1986collective volume
Aspes 1984collective volume
Aspes 1987catalogue
collective volume
Aspes 2002archaeological study
collective volume
Bagley et al. 2009collective volume
Battisti 1963collective volume
Bellelli 2012collective volume
Beumann & Schröder 1985linguistic study
historical study
collective volume
Beutler & Hameter 2005collective volume
Birkmann et al. 1997collective volume
Bodini 1999collective volume
Bottini 1988archaeological study
collective volume
Campanile 1981collective volume
Catagnoti 1997collective volume
Chieco Bianchi 1988collective volume
Ciurletti 2007excavation report
collective volume
Ciurletti & Marzatico 1999archaeological study
epigraphic study
linguistic study
historical study
collective volume
Civiltà del Ferro 1960collective volume
Convegno Bologna 1985proceedings
collective volume
Cooper et al. 2013collective volume
Cristofani 1985collective volume
Della Fina 2008collective volume
De Marinis 1987catalogue
collective volume
De Marinis & Biaggio Simona 2000collective volume
De Marinis & Rapi 2022collective volume
De Simone & Marchesini 2013collective volume
De Vos 2004collective volume
Drexler & Fink 2001archaeological study
historical study
collective volume
Festschrift Hundt 1977collective volume
Fiorentini et al. 2003collective volume
Fischer 1960collective volume
Galliazzo 2002collective volume
García Alonso 2013collective volume
Gaultier & Briquel 1997collective volume
Gebhardt & Siller 1996collective volume
Hainzmann 2000collective volume
Hornung & Hornung 1972collective volume
Hye & Töchterle 2019collective volume
Inghirami 1828collective volume
Karl & Leskovar 2017collective volume
Kossack 1969collective volume
Kronasser 1957collective volume