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 type reference
Akeo 2002collective volume
Arte e civiltà romana 1964catalogue
Aspes 1978catalogue
Aspes 1987catalogue
collective volume
Bassi 1996catalogue
archaeological study
Dannheimer & Gebhard 1993catalogue
De Marinis 1987catalogue
collective volume
Gambacurta et al. 2002catalogue
epigraphic study
Gempeler 1976catalogue
archaeological study
Gregnanin 2000catalogue
archaeological study
Kromer 1962catalogue
Lunz 1973catalogue
Marzatico et al. 2011catalogue
Marzatico & Gleirscher 2004catalogue
Museo Ritrovato 1986catalogue
Neudert 2005catalogue
Padova Preromana 1976catalogue
Perini 1983catalogue
Raffaelli 1996catalogue
Raffaelli 1998catalogue
Reuter & Scholz 2005catalogue
Rossi 1672catalogue
Scavi Bolzano 1985catalogue
Sölder 2002catalogue
Sölder 2002ccatalogue
Sölder & Höck 2012catalogue
Venetkens 2013catalogue
Zampieri & Lavarone 2000catalogue
Zemmer-Plank 1985collective volume
excavation report
archaeological study
historical study
Zemmer-Plank et al. 1985catalogue