Pfalzen / Falzes

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Province: Bozen / Bolzano
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 46° 48' 40.82" N, 11° 53' 0.24" E



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Objects from the area of Pfalzen / Falzes:

  • archeological site Moorfeld:
    EX-80: Piece of wood. Length: ca. 50cm. On the flat and wider side, in the area of the edge some indentations which are similar to characters.

The piece of wood comes from the area of Moorfeld and was found by chance during drainage works in this area, executed in 2014.
Repository: Amt für Bodendenkmäler Bozen / Ufficio Beni archeologici Bolzano, without Inv. No. Reference: Oral information by Dr. Hubert Steiner from the Amt für Bodendenkmäler Bozen / Ufficio Beni archeologici Bolzano. Autopsied by the Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum in November 2014.