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Transliteration: ?
Original script: ?

Object: PU-7 bone (bone)
Position: centre"centre" is not in the list (front, back, top, bottom, inside, outside, neck, shoulder, foot, handle, ...) of allowed values for the "position" property.
Script: unknown
Direction of writing: ambiguous
Letter height: 1 cm
Number of lines: 1
Craftsmanship: engraved
Current condition: unknown
Archaeological culture: Late Iron Age [from object]
Date of inscription: 5th–4th centuries BC [from object]
Date derived from: archaeological context [from object]

Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: LIR SLO-6
MLR 132
TM 218549
Sources: Schumacher 2004: 188, 213


First published in Marinetti 1992: 695 f. (no. 3). Autopsied by Stefan Schumacher in 1992. Currently untraceable.

Image in Marinetti 1992: Fig. 1,3 (drawing = LIR = MLR), Schumacher 2004: Taf. 3,7 (drawing).

Length about 5 cm. Judging by the drawings, the inscription is much damaged by holes or abrasions on the surface. On the end with less damage, A15 sΘ s[ (or ]Θ sΧ3 s) seem fairly clear. The remains of the other characters look suspicious; nothing can be made out of them – possibly non- or pseudo-script.


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