HU-6 bronze

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Classification: bronze
Material: bronze
Condition: complete, damaged
Date: 4th–3rd centuries BC
Date derived from: typology

Site: unknown
Coordinates (approx.): none
Find date:
Find circumstances: art trade
Current location: unknown (currently untraceable)

Inscription: HU-6 (taevvtarie)

Sources: Gempeler 1976: 48, fig. 12a, 12b


Bronze in the shape of a horse. Cp. the present bronze with SZ-9 bronze.
The object was in possession of René Wehrli who was director of the Kunsthaus Zürich from 1950 to 1976. Probably he acquired this object and HU-5 bronze from art trade. Until the eighties the object was preserved as item on loan in the Kunsthaus Zürich with the inventory number 1962/3. Because of the realignment of the museum in the eighties at which all antiquities were excluded from the permanent exhibition the bronze returned in the private possession of René Wehrli. In 1992 Stefan Schumacher could autopsy and integrate the bronze in Schumacher 2004. Since Wehrlis death however the bronze seems to be lost.


Gempeler 1976 Robert D. Gempeler, Werke der Antike im Kunsthaus Zürich [= Sammlungsheft 5], Zürich: Kunsthaus Zürich 1976.