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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Number: singular

Meaning: 'Piθie'

Attestation: IT-4 (piθiẹ[???]ịχụṛṿịle), MA-5 (piθieikuniiþu), MA-6 (piθiemetinu/θriahis·̣), MA-10 (piþiekerpinake), SZ-15.1 (lastaθianuesiunne/pitiekapaśunu), SZ-98 (]aχvilịṣḳ[/]p̣ịθ̣ị[??), TR-3 (p̣ịθ̣ị) (7)


Raetic individual name in -e, very well attested. Sometimes attested with Tau, independent of alphabet context. Cp. piθiave (with suffix) and maybe piθam(n)e and pitale.