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Language: Raetic
Word type: proper noun

Case: nominative
Number: singular

Morphemic analysis: lasθe
Meaning: 'Lasθe'

Attestation: MA-19 (lasθeφutiχinu) (1)


Raetic individual name in -e, attested only once in this form (Magrè). Conceivably a variant of lasta (Sanzeno), with variation in the writing of the dental (see The Raetic language) and in the auslaut. The latter is best explained as the result of different approaches to adapting a foreign name to Raetic. Auslauting -e in lasθe might simply be the typically Raetic name auslaut substituted for a foreign one, or the Latin vocative ending (Untermann 1961 I: 111 (n. 195, 180) postulates a base *lastus for lastulus (Vicenza); Schumacher 1998 adds a hypothetical Venetic *lastos). Alternatively, lasθe (fitting in with the two-syllable names prevalent in Raetic) might be an original Raetic name, borrowed into Venetic, with the Venetic variant being attested in Sanzeno. Cp. also lauste.