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Language: unknown
Word type: unknown

Meaning: unknown

Attestation: SZ-44.2 (la), SZ-45.2 (la), SZ-46.2 (la), SZ-57.1 (la), SZ-57.2 (la), SZ-60.2 (la), SZ-76.1 (la), WE-6 (la) (8)


Two characters – normalised reading la – recurring on Sanzeno bowls (4x), iron scythe rings (3x) and maybe iron axe heads (1x), mostly from Sanzeno (7x). L s alternates with L2 s, hence the reading as l despite the fact that P2 s in Sanzeno context is normally Pi.

On scythe rings (SZ-44.2, SZ-45.2, SZ-46.2), the characters appear in tolerably uniform shape, with L s (l or p) and Sanzenoid A d (sometimes with the hasta in writing direction shortened). They are always accompanied by the inscription uθiiθi.

On Sanzeno bowls, the situation is more complicated. While it is likely that the inscriptions belong together, it is hard to determine how the characters should be read. Both SZ-57.1 and SZ-60.2, if read la, are upside-down; if read upright, the characters turn into dextroverse L dΧ3 d / (or even sinistroverse χp). In the case of SZ-60.2, the central hasta of the second letter is prolonged, making it look more like Χ d in any case. Cp. SZ-41. SZ-57.2, with regular A d, should be expected to be a repetition of SZ-57.2 (apparently incised before firing?), but is made doubtful by an additional small bar added to A d. A reading of the first character as U s or U2 s u, at least, is unlikely, as it is in all instances clearly asymmetrical. WE-6, the only attestation not from Sanzeno, resembles the scythe ring inscriptions.

The affiliation of the axe head inscriptions (SZ-62, SZ-76.2, SZ-76.2), mostly containing some variant of the group, but always accompanied by varying additional strokes, is doubtful.


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Marker 360.png on iron (4), Marker 030.png on pottery (4), Marker 000.png on other material (0)