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Transliteration: i?θ
Original script: Θ s?I s

Object: VR-8 bone (bone)
Position: front
Script: unknown
Direction of writing: ambiguous
Letter height: 0.8 cm
Number of characters: 3
Number of lines: 1
Craftsmanship: engraved
Current condition: complete
Date of inscription: 4th–3rd centuries BC [from object]
Date derived from: archaeological context [from object]

Language: unknown
Meaning: unknown

Alternative sigla: MLR 293
TM 653638


First published in Marinetti 2004: 412 (no. 3). Autopsied by TIR on 17th November 2015.

Images in Marinetti 2004: 412 (drawing), MLR (photo).

Length 1.3 cm; very faintly engraved. Marchesini reads Θ sΘ sI sI s, which is essentially correct. A short oblique scratch in the lower area extends from the second vertical on the right. In any case, non- or pseudo-script. See Non-script notational systems.


Marinetti 2004 Anna Marinetti, "Nuove iscrizioni retiche dall'area veronese", Studi Etruschi 70 (2004), 408–420.