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This template serves to display phonemes. For each phoneme, the template must be included separately. For example, in order to render the phoneme a (here with unknown quantity a(ː)):


has to be written. The individual fields have the following functions:

p name of the template
a citation form of the phoneme, i.e. the name of the page
a(ː) display form of the phoneme; it can be omitted if the display and citation forms are identical, e.g.:

If no property value is to be defined (for example, in the main text or when speaking about non-Raetic phonemes), the field for the citation form is to be left blank; only the display form is to be specified. In the following examples, these are a(ː) and a:



  • The display form of the phoneme will be displayed.
  • If the citation form is specified:
    • a link to its page will be included,
    • the Property:phoneme is defined for the phoneme.


(1) d/ta:


(2) tso: