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This template serves to display morphemes. For each morpheme, the template must be included separately. For example, in order to render the morpheme "al":


has to be written. The individual fields have the following functions:

m name of the template
-al citation form of the morpheme, i.e. the name of the morpheme page
al display form of the morpheme; it can be omitted if the display and citation forms are identical, e.g.:

If no property value is to be defined (for example, outside of form fields reserved for morphological analysis), the field for the citation form is to be left blank; only the display form is to be specified. In the following example, this is "-al":


Additionally, if such a morpheme is to be indexed and linked differently than it is to be displayed, a third parameter can be given as display form. E.g.


will produce "al", i.e. indexing and linking to "-al" but displaying "al".


  • The attested form (display form) will be displayed in translation with a link to the citation form (pagename) of the morpheme.
  • If the citation form is specified, the Property:word will be defined.
  • Property:index will be defined for the citation form, or for the second parameter, if no citation form is defined.


In order to display the morpheme sequence "þeris-na", the following has to be coded:


For the same word "þeris-na", but without defining properties: