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This template serves to perform bibliographical citations. Example:

{{bib|Morandi 2004|Morandi (p. 615)}}

The individual fields have the following functions:

bib name of the template
Morandi 2004 reference (page name)
Morandi (p. 615)  actual printout form

The printout form can be omitted if it is identical with the reference page name, e.g.:

{{bib|Morandi 2004}}

You may use the Template:bib_citation for the printout of the reference list.


The object [[TI·1 Gudo]] is treated by Morandi ({{bib|Morandi 2004|2004}}, 520)
as well as by Solinas ({{bib|Solinas 1994|1994}}, 326–327). Only
{{bib|Lejeune 1971}} doesn't mention it.

will produce:

The object TI·1 Gudo is treated by Morandi (2004, 520) as well as by Solinas (1994, 326–327). Only Lejeune 1971 doesn't mention it.


(using the Template:bib_citation)

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