St. Hippolyt / Sant'Ippolito

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  • According to Kaltenhauser and Lunz the findspot St. Hippolyt / Sant'Ippolito belongs to Tisens / Tesimo (cp. Kaltenhauser 1966: 2–6; Lunz 1974: 195–196). Lunz states the position: N.L. 46°34'50" (cp. Lunz 1974: 195). The attribution to Lana / Lana traces back to an indication given by Franz (cp. Franz 1959: 229).
  • The hill of St. Hippolyt / Sant'Ippolito is 759 m a.s.l. (cp. Lunz 1974: 195) and in earlier times the hill presented a natural border for the villages and inhabitants from the region.
  • On the top of the hill was discovered a station which dates to the Neolithic (more exact the end of the Later Neolithic period) and Bronze age. The settlement which dates to the Late Iron Age and whence the objects come, was however situated lower, on a lynchet situated to the south.
  • Cp. Kaltenhauser 1966: 2–6 as well as Lunz 1974: 195–196.