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Field name
Site: Mellaun / Meluno [from first object]
Coordinates: 46° 41' 34.80" N, 11° 40' 8.40" E [from first object]
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In 1905 was discovered a Iron age burial ground near the Reiferhof in Mellaun / Meluno. The burial ground is located about 200 meters west of the Reifenbauern's farm on a sloping grassland terrace ("Obere Leite"). During the excavation related to the a relatively small area executed by Franz von Wieser in 1908 about 65 to 70 cremation burials were found. In the course of the succeeding excavation executed by Adrian Egger in 1909 other 5 or 6 burials were discovered. In 1931 the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Veneto operates a planned excavation at which only few stray finds were made. The whole burial ground area however was already unofficially as well as not planned excavated. Cp.: Wieser 1909: 198–199; Lunz 1974: 173–174.
The Iron age burial ground near the Reiferhof is in direct relation to the Iron age settlement located on the Albanbühel.