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Customary name: rho
Represents: r

Variants and attestation

Transliteration Sinistroverse Dextroverse
  Glyph Number Glyph Number
R R.png 42 Rd.png 6
R2 R2.png 21 R2d.png 6

Raetic Rho always appears with bars or curve covering the full length of the hasta. On Magrè-type P s vel sim. being a form of Pi see Mancini 1991: 87 and Schumacher 1999: 342 f. (note 18). Note that variants of Magrè-Pi with full-length bars/curve (P3 s, P4 s) are easily mistakable for Rho, the only difference being the lower bar / curve touching or not touching the hasta in the bottom. Just as in Venetic, no pattern can be seen in the use of the angular vs. the rounded form, while the latter is practically exclusive in the Lugano alphabet.


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