NO-2 strainer

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Classification: strainer
Material: bronze
Size: height: 4.4 cm, diameter: 10.2 cm, length: 13.6 cm, thickness: 0.2 mm
Condition: fragmentary, damaged
Archaeological culture: Late Iron Age

Site: Cles (Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 22' 1.20" N, 11° 1' 58.80" E [from site]
Find date:
Find circumstances: old finding
Current location: Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum (on exhibition)
Inventory Nr.: 17.064

Inscription: NO-2 (tianusataṇ)

Sources: Mayr 1960f: 389
Zemmer-Plank et al. 1985: 166 [cat. No.40]


Fragment of a bronze strainer with handle.
Fragmentary and moreover partially damaged.
Decorations in form of palmettes and dice eyes on the handle and in part on the rim.
An inscription outside, below the flanged edge.
The object came in the property of the museum 1898 and was rediscovered by Leonard Franz while he was curator at the museum, amongst the old stock of the Tyrolean State Museum Ferdinandeum.
According to Gleirscher (apud Schumacher 2004: 248), the strainer dates to the 1st century BC–1st century AD.
The object was first published in Franz 1958b. Following the publication by Franz, Mayr mentioned the object in a publication of his own (cp. Mayr 1960f: 389).
Autopsied by the Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum in November 2013.



Franz 1958b Leonhard Franz, "Eine Inschrift aus Cles", Der Schlern 32 (1958), 39–40.