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Alternative names: Heimatkunde- und Museumsverein Wattens-Volders
Type: local history

Address: Innsbruckerstraße 2
6112 Wattens
Tirol, Austria

Objects hosted: IT-1 potsherd (W.619), IT-2 potsherd (W.620), IT-4 unidentifiable (none)


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General information

The Heimatkunde- und Museumsverein Wattens-Volders is responsible for the Museum Wattens which is divided in two sections: the first section contains the prehistory of the region around Wattens and Volders in particular the discoveries from the Raetic settlement Himmelreich and the urnfield of Volders. The second section is dedicated to the history of the regional industry mainly to the development of the Swarovski-Company and the paper mill of Wattens.
At the moment the museum is situated in Höraltstraße 4, 6112 Wattens, in a buidling which was part of the school near the museum. A relocation of the museum it is planed for 2015. Then the museum resides in the Neidharthaus (Innsbrucker Straße 2, 6112 Wattens).
For further information about the Museum Wattens and the outdoor museum Himmelreich see

Further objects hosted in the Museum Wattens

Above (cp. Objects hosted) are indicated all objects preserved in the Museum Wattens with an inscription and/or characters listed with a siglum in the Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum.
In addition there are several objects with characters and/or incisions which are indicated in the references as inscription and/or signs with an alphabetical character. After the autopsy of the regarding objects and because of the doubtful status concerning the characters they were excluded from the main sigla system. But due to the fact that in the references they were considered to be inscribed they are listed with the siglum EX(cluded) in the Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum.
Related to the Museum Wattens the following objects belong to this group: EX-81: potsherd (collective siglum for different ceramic fragments from the Raetic settlement Himmelreich, Inv. No. M 4, M 5, M 6, M 7, M 30, M 103, M 110, M 124, M 129, M 198, M 271, M 272, M 277, M 278, M 461, M 611, M 615, Z 6. Note: The collective siglum EX-81 is divided into two groups: The first group of the different ceramic fragments coming from the Himmelreich is preserved in the Museum Wattens, a second group is kept in the Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum.
For further information concerning the EX-siglum system as well as detailed indications related to the above-mentioned objects cp. here.


Update in July 2022 based on the information by the museum staff

In 2015 the rooms of the museum in Höraltstraße 4, 6112 Wattens, had to be closed.
In October 2018 the museum financed by the community of Wattens was re-opened whereas the focus is on everyday and industrial history since 1895. For further information see:

The archaeological collection as described above and also the findings from Fritzens-Pirchboden are preserved in the museum depot.
For research and study purpose as well as loan requests the findings are obviously accessible on demand. Responsible for this purpose: Heimatkunde- und Museumsverein Wattens-Volders:
However, a small part of the archaeological collection is on exhibition on loan in the Museum Wattens. For example the remarkable fragment of an angular harp with a Raetic inscription cp. IT-4:

For the update informations special thanks to Mag. Philipp Lehar from the Museum Wattens and chairman of the Heimatkunde- und Museumsverein Wattens-Volders.