Musei Civici di Padova – Museo Archeologico

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Alternative names: Musei Civici agli Eremitani, Musei Civici degli Eremitani
Type: archaeology, prehistory, ancient history, fine arts

Address: Piazza Eremitani 8
35121 Padova
Padova, Veneto, Italy

Objects hosted: PA-1 spatula (XIX-90)


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The Civic Museums of Padova (Musei Civici di Padova) situated in piazza Eremitani in Padova comprise the Archeological Museum (Museo Archeologico) and the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art (Museo d'Arte Medioevale e Moderna). The museum complex resides in the cloisters of the former convent of the brothers Eremitani. The Scrovegni Chapel (Cappella degli Scrovegi) with a fresco cycle by Giotto, completed about 1305, is an annexe of the entire complex.
The beginning of the archeological collection goes back to 1825. Then the material had increased by donations and excavations directly in Padova and the surrounding of the town. The tour through the exhibition starts with objects from the pre-Roman period which come from the necropolis of Padova, datable from the 8th to the 3rd centuries BC. Although the Etruscan and Italic objects in the collection of the Archeological Museum of Padova the major part is formed by the discoveries from the Roman period.
The Civic Museums of Padova are also known as Musei Civici agli Eremitani or degli Eremitani.