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Customary name: lambda
Represents: l

Variants and attestation

Transliteration Sinistroverse Dextroverse
  Glyph Number Glyph Number
L L.png 34 Ld.png 12
L2 L2.png 46 L2d.png 2
L3 L3.png 1 L3d.png 0
L4 L4.png 0 L4d.png 2

Lambda is one of the letters (together with Pi and Upsilon) which serve as a basis for distinguishing the Magrè and Sanzeno alphabets (see Property:alphabet and Script): The variant L s with the bar on top, sometimes termed "Venetoid" in the TIR, is used to the Magrè alphabet, while L2 s with the bar on the bottom, typical for the Etruscan and Lugano alphabets, is used in the Sanzeno alphabet. The variants L3 s and L4 s only occur in a certain type of rock inscription (see Raetic epigraphy), indicating a connection with similar (unrounded) forms from the Venetic subcorpus of Cadore.