IT-6 stone

From Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum
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Classification: stone
Material: stone
Size: length: 6.5 cm, width: 5.5 cm, height: 4.9 cm
Condition: complete
Archaeological culture: La Tène

Site: Pfaffenhofen (Tirol, Austria)
Field name: Hörtenberg
Archaeological context: settlement, house No. 3
Coordinates (approx.): 47° 17' 43.81" N, 11° 4' 47.97" E
Find date: 05.08.2005
Find circumstances: rescue excavation
Current location: Landeskonservatorat für Tirol (repository)
Inventory Nr.: none

Inscription: IT-6 (aiθiu)



Mentioned in an excavation report (Tischer 2006: 216). Examined by TIR in July 2014.

Image in Tischer 2006: 215, fig. 13 (photo).

Found during a rescue excavation caused by construction works in 2005. The smooth smallish stone, referred to as a river pebble by Tischer, is oval and perforated lengthwise; its function is unclear. The object is isolated in the Raetic corpus; the only other round stone is much larger and not perforated.