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Field name
Site: Schluderns / Sluderno [from first object]
Coordinates: 46° 40' 19.20" N, 10° 35' 20.40" E [from first object]
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The area of the Ganglegg hill was already investigated in the first half of the 20th century. The discoveries were published by Oswald Menghin. Since 1989 Karl Pohl and Karl Wieser, two amateur archaeologist, start to search for further findings under the control of the monument protection service and the municipal museum. Over the years a large collection could be compiled which now is preserved in the Vintschger Museum Schluderns.
Since 1997 official excavations directed by Peter Gamper and Hubert Steiner were executed. Findings of these excavations i.a. VN-5 bone et seq.