BZ-4 fragment

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Classification: vessel
Material: bronze
Size: rim diameter: 10.8 cm, height: 4 cm, thickness: 0.2 mm
Condition: fragmentary

Site: Bozen / Bolzano (Bozen / Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)
Field name: Moritzing / San Maurizio
Archaeological context: hoard
(Objects: BZ-4 fragment, BZ-8 situla, BZ-9 handle)
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 30' 14.62" N, 11° 19' 3.00" E
Find date: 1858/60
Current location: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Antikensammlung (repository)
Inventory Nr.: Fr. 1810

Inscription: BZ-4 (tevaśniχesiutikuθiuθisaχvilititerisnaθi)

Sources: Mayr 1960c: 126–127
Egg 1992: 156–158, fig. 5,1, pl. 4.2, pl. 8
Steiner 2002: 254–258, 314, pl. 38,4



Fragment of a bronze vessel.
Patina of medium to dark green in colour, partially embedded particles of ochre to brown in colour.
Seamless worked of thin sheet bronze. Cylindrical basis which passes to a wide expansive and funnel-shaped ‚mouth rim‘. For reinforcement the rim is turned up. Two rivet holes. Broken at two positions of which the crack at one position comprises the entire height of the fragment. Here partially the narrow part broken. At one position inside along the mouth trace of a sharp-edged cut. Outside of the narrow section traces of abrasion as well as a clear ledge.
Inside along the mouth an inscription.
A cast copy of the fragment is preserved at the Tyrolean State Museum Ferdinandeum with the inventory number 18.684. The copy could be seen on exhibition and it is here declared as a fragment of a bronze vessel with bull’s head handles.
The identification indeed is arguable. However Egg indicates amongst others the following fragments of bronze vessels between the findings of Moritzing / San Maurizio: fragment of a bronze vessel which Egg identifies as part of the mouth of a cone-shaped amphora, a fragment of a bronze vessel which belongs to the group of pots with bull’s head handles and BZ-4 fragment of which the identification is uncertain (cp. Egg 1992: 138, No. 3 and 4, 139, No. 15, 154-162, pl. 4.1, pl. 4.2, pl. 4.3).
Autopsied by the Thesaurus Inscriptionum Raeticarum in April 2014.

Note: To control and complete:
Discussion about the vessel: part of the foot or the mouth?; cp. Egg 1992
Find circumstances: cp. Egg 1992 as well as Steiner 2002



Egg 1992 Markus Egg, "Ein eisenzeitlicher Altfund von Schloß Greifenstein bei Siebeneich in Südtirol", in: Andreas Lippert, Konrad Spindler (Eds), Festschrift zum 50jährigen Bestehen des Institutes für Ur- und Frühgeschichte der Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck [= Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie 8], Bonn: 1992, 135–172.