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Customary name: syllabic punctuation, separator
Represents: syllable structure, word border

Variants and attestation

Transliteration Sinistroverse Dextroverse
  Glyph Number Glyph Number
punctuation punctuation.png 5 punctuationd.png 2
punctuation2 punctuation2.png 1 punctuation2d.png 0
punctuation3 punctuation3.png 3 punctuation3d.png 1
punctuation4 punctuation4.png 1 punctuation4d.png 0
punctuation5 punctuation5.png 0 punctuation5d.png 0
punctuation6 punctuation6.png 2 punctuation6d.png 0
punctuation7 punctuation7.png 15 punctuation7d.png 4
punctuation8 punctuation8.png 1 punctuation8d.png 1
punctuation9 punctuation9.png 4 punctuation9d.png 0
punctuation10 punctuation10.png 3 punctuation10d.png 0
punctuation11 punctuation11.png 1 punctuation11d.png 0

For detailed information on word separation and syllabic punctuation, see Script. Only rows of dots (punctuation s, punctuation2 s, most often punctuation3 s) function as word separators (the presence of separators in PU-1 being highly dubious). Word separation by punct is only attested in Sanzeno context. See also space. Word separators with more than three dots are unattested; punctuation6 s is used in TIR to represent grid lines consisting of any number of small elements.

Single (mostly short) lines (together with single dots) are reserved for syllabic punctuation. Such short lines situated in the upper and lower area of the line rather than in the middle are found almost exclusively in the area of Verona. Note that puncts inscribed into letters are treated as parts of ligatures, and do not enter into the above statistic (Lpunct, Mpunct, Rpunct).

punctuation10 s is attested twice as a delimiter (see Non-script notational systems). In NO-15 and SL-2.2, the separators mark different inscriptions or parts of inscriptions rather than words or syllables.