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Language: Raetic
Word type: noun

Case: nominative
Number: singular

Meaning: 'gift' (?)

Attestation: BZ-4 (tevaśniχesiutikuθiuθisaχvilititerisnaθi), PA-1 (eθsualeuθikukaial·/nakinaθarisakvil·), SR-1 (?]nsu·mnaviθahur·̣/ị]ṣkesaχviliṣke), SZ-98 (]aχvilịṣḳ[/]p̣ịθ̣ị[??) (4)


Attested twice with Khi (once in Sanzeno context, once in Magrè context), and once with Kappa in an inscription from the very fringe of the Raetic area. Corresponds to an Etruscan noun aχvil/acvil (in the female name Θanaχvil/Θanacvil (> Θanχvil/Θancvil), in tinścvil 'donation' (< *tinas-aχvil 'gift to Jove') and the family name acvilna), if correctly postulated by Rix 1998: 32 f. (note 45).